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There is no magic bullet to solve the fashion industries sustainability issues. There is no one product that is 100% carbon neutral. As with most things in life it’s best to look at yourself and what you can do to contribute. Buying organic is great but organic cotton is water intensive and is usually grown in areas that suffer water shortages and droughts. Bamboo is a self-sustaining crop compared to hard wood trees. However, it still goes through the same manual production methods so can’t be classed as 100% environmentally friendly.



 Recycled polyester is a fantastic alternative as it keeps plastic out of landfill and the ocean. But let’s face it polyester isn’t ideal for everybody or for every occasion.



What we are trying to say is whatever your ethical stance, it’s difficult to be 100% carbon neutral when it comes to your wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try! Our first bit of advice is purchase what you love, invest in pieces that you will wear and wear and will still look good over time.


See our latest available bamboo items below from our Spring / Summer 2022 Collection:




We can’t create every piece in our collection out of 100% sustainable fabrics, but our first pledge is :
  •  Where we can, we will use organic or recycled without compromising the product.
  • On all pieces we will cut down the miles that our components travel in our production and sourcing.
  • All our labelling and packaging already comes from sustainable sources, our next step is all trims too.
  • Offsetting the miles our parcels travel. Every parcel sent out from Me & Thee will have the miles it travels offset and the proceeds will got to various ethical charities.

The funds raised through offsetting our parcels go to the following sustainability charities:

Verra – Provides innovative solutions to environmental and social problems. Works for people and the planet by supporting projects and activities that deliver a range of benefits to communities and the environment. Driving large scale investments in activities that reduce emissions, improve livelihoods and protect nature.

Pachama – Works to remove carbon from the atmosphere by restoring forests, whilst also protecting critical forest ecosystems and wildlife habitats. Supporting a range a forest projects that meet international standards for carbon credits.

Big Deal! Is this enough? No! But if we make the effort to improve our offering and you support those efforts and initiatives then it starts the ball rolling. It’s more expensive for us to do all these things, but if we can make sustainability the new normal then producers and retailers in every market sector will start to follow.