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Me & Thee Print Archive

Me & Thee have a deep-rooted background in print design.  Forging the brand back in 2009 with print being the focus, where collections were 100% printed.  A technical advancement in digital print made being able to design bespoke prints more accessible and very flexible. 


  Early examples of printed fabrics created for the Spring / Summer collection "Greenhouse Effect" in 2013, taking inspiration from patterns in nature. 

Starting with photography and manipulating images from city lights to firework displays.  The duo realised that having a background in art and design meant they could really express their vision onto clothing.  Beautiful, hand illustrated artworks soon became themed collections, with vibrant striking colours. 


Artworks and illustrations used to inspire collections for Spring / Summer 2018. Incorporating hand ink drawings with playful photography.

Collections would consist of 30-40 specially engineered prints to fit a certain silhouette or style.  The brand quickly gained a signature that was unmistakable along with a following of loyal Me & Thee customers who craved something niche.


Historical print designs using photography to create unique statement pieces.

Me & Thee In 2021 

 The brand has spent the time focusing on quality, sustainability and longevity with a fine focus on creating long living capsule wardrobes. Moving into summer sees the re-introduction of prints back into the collections adding a new feeling of freedom and expression. For summer 2021 four new print collections are outlined below.




Harking back to the impassioned use of colour and the joy of putting ink to paper the team now embrace their historic talents. Taking a strong focus on the pantone of the year evoking the promise of sunshine with illuminating and optimistic hues of yellow.



A fresh approach to this season's tie dye trends sees inky stripes digitally enhanced to achieve a striking visual and a modern edge. 



Femininity is redefined with a feeling of warmth and tactility inspired by earthy terracotta tones in nature.  Marrying abstract shapes and movement in fleshy skin coloured nudes and minks.


Original artwork used to create Spring / Summer 2021 prints created using brusho inks.

A palette of peaceful and nurturing hues embracing botanical garden greens, watery teals and hazy aquas.  Lifting our spirits and encouraging calming and meditative moods.

Spring / Summer 2021 Botanical Summer Garden collection 

Autumn / Winter 2021 

The Autumn / Winter 2021 collection features four new limited edition printed silk scarves. Derived from original hand painted artwork using acrylic pouring inks.





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