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Article: Women In Me & Thee


Women In Me & Thee

Introducing our Women In Me and Thee series with Sarah Horrocks


Following launching our new blog, we will be sharing a few interviews with women who love Me & Thee. Sharing their favourite Me & Thee styles and what inspires their fashion style and how they came across the brand.

Check out our interview our first interview below with Sarah Horrocks…

Where do you like & what do you do in Life?

I live in the Cotswolds and am a Partner for a Financial Planning firm. My favourite thing to do is play Padel.


How would you describe your own personal fashion style?

Who inspires you & the fashion you choose?

I usually just like what I like, not a particular style as such. I feel I have my own look as all women should have but if I had to choose the type of style I gravitate towards it would be someone like Natalie Portman or Victoria Beckham.

What is your favourite Me & Thee piece & why?

My favourite Me&Thee piece is my “In the zone” Bronze metallic maxi dress. LOVE IT. It fits so nicely and the colour is gorgeous. I receive so many compliments whenever I wear it. I’ve worn it to a very dressy occasion but also with flip flops for drinks on the beach.


Where or how did you come across Me & Thee?

I was searching everywhere for a bronze dress for an event I was attending and found the “In The Zone” dress on Wolf & Badger.


Many thanks to Sarah for taking part in our Women In Me & Thee series
and for supporting and getting involved in our small independent brand!

Get involved with the hashtag #womeninmeandthee





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