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Article: Wedding Season Ready

Wedding Season Ready

Chic and Charming: Outfits for this year's Wedding Season

Wedding season, and not just in the UK, is a time of joy, celebration, and of course, fashion. With the weather being as unpredictable as ever, selecting the perfect outfit requires a blend of style, sophistication, and practicality. Whether you’re attending a countryside ceremony, a city hall wedding, or a grandiose affair in a stately home, here’s your guide to nailing the wedding guest dress code.

1. Embrace Light & Bright Colours
Spring and summer weddings call for light and airy colors. Mermaid, jade, or other shades of green are perennial favorites. Metallics, whether bold or delicate, add a touch of luxury and are perfectly in tune with the season. A dress in a refreshing hue with metallic detailing strikes a balance between elegance and festivity.


2. The Classic Midi Dress
Midi dresses are versatile and stylish, making them a go-to choice for wedding guests. They offer a flattering silhouette that is appropriate for both day and evening ceremonies. Opt for a dress with interesting details to add texture and depth to your outfit. Pair with strappy sandals or kitten heels for a comfortable yet chic look.


3. Statement Jumpsuits
For those who prefer something different from the traditional dress, a jumpsuit can be a stunning alternative. Look for one with a luxurious look, like our hot metallic pieces. Jumpsuits with wide legs are particularly flattering. They offer a modern twist while still being wedding-appropriate. Even a chic pair of trousers in the right fabric can be most appropriate even for the most exclusive wedding.


4. Seasonal Fabrics
Choosing the right fabric is crucial. Light materials and fabrics that have a good amount of stretch and drape are perfect for warmer months. They keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day. 


5. Accessorise Thoughtfully & choose Comfortable Yet Stylish Footwear
Accessories can elevate your wedding guest outfit from lovely to unforgettable. Consider a statement fascinator or hat for a daytime wedding. For evening weddings, opt for sparkling jewellery or a beaded clutch to add some glamour. Remember, the key is to complement your outfit without overshadowing it.

Weddings often involve a fair bit of standing and dancing, so comfortable footwear is a must. Block heels, wedges, or dressy flats can provide the necessary support while still looking stylish. Metallic shades like gold or silver can add a touch of elegance and match easily with various outfits.

Final Thoughts
Dressing for a wedding (in the UK or elsewhere) involves balancing elegance with practicality. By choosing the right colors, fabrics, and accessories, you can create an outfit that is both beautiful and appropriate for the occasion. Whether you opt for a classic dress, a stylish jumpsuit, or something uniquely you, the key is to feel confident and comfortable. With these tips in mind, you'll be ready to celebrate love in style, no matter what the (British) weather brings. Happy wedding season!

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