In the current fashion industry, sustainability has become a huge topic for thought and consideration. Here at Me & Thee, we feel it is of importance to consider our impact on the environment in more depth, as we progress as a brand. Bamboo paper tags and recycled Polyester labels will be used on our garments. In order to reduce our plastic waste, biodegradable shipping bags will be used to send out orders. Moving forwards, Me & Thee will endeavour to work towards becoming a more sustainable fashion brand.

As a brand, we feel it is important to always strive for the best quality and individuality. In today’s vast fashion industry, we also felt it was now relevant, as an independent brand, to strive towards becoming more sustainable. Our new garments will have recycled Polyester brand labels sewn in. The garments will be labelled using Bamboo paper tags, which is both a renewable and sustainable alternative to producing paper. We felt this was the best way to make the first move towards being more sustainable as we use a lot of brand labels and garment tags in each collection.

Bamboo paper tagsRecyled Polyester label

As Me & Thee runs exclusively online, we also wanted to change the way we send out orders. We use a lot of shipping bags on a weekly basis and a lot of these will get thrown away, increasing our plastic waste. Therefore, from now on, we will be sending out our orders in biodegradable shipping bags. This will help to drastically decrease our plastic waste and will be much better for the environment.

In our SS20 Collection, all our jersey garments will be made from Bamboo fabric. The pieces are comfortable and soft, and we hope that you love them as much as we do. We also have some beautiful in-house prints on Bamboo jersey! In future collections, we hope to make use of more recycled and plant-based materials. This will help to reduce our environmental impact as growing Bamboo and other plants also helps to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere! Bamboo also does not require pesticides.

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Bamboo fabric has many benefits. Bamboo pulp can be used to create fibres that goes on to become yarns and the finished fabric. Bamboo is insulating and will you warm in winter and cool in summer. Another great benefit of Bamboo is that it is moisture wicking and absorbs sweat, meaning it will keep your dry and cool on hot summer days. Additionally, Bamboo is antibacterial and will help to absorb odours and keep you fresh. Bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, meaning it is less likely to cause irritation or a reaction to sensitive skin.
Bamboo can be washed and ironed at low temperatures as it doesn’t crease as much as cotton. This is another great move towards helping the environment! Once you receive your Bamboo garments, you will agree with us when we say it is super soft and comfortable on the skin. It will become your go-to summer item!

We produce all our garments within our Huddersfield based studio. Huddersfield has always been well known for its textile heritage. By producing, packing and shipping all our garments from our studio in the UK, it greatly reduces our carbon footprint within the manufacturing and distribution processes. Manufacturing exclusively within the UK also helps the UK economy with employment. We also use and support other businesses within the Huddersfield area meaning we are giving back to our local economy. Garments are mostly made to order, which means we are only cutting and sewing what is needed in order to reduce wastage and left-over stock. More popular items are made in batches, meaning we can keep up with demand and these batches are always calculated on previous demand. Cutting garments in batches also means we can create more efficient lay plans in order to reduce waste.

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